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"I was tired of looking all over for haunt business advice, spending money to attend seminars away from home, and storing notebooks full of haunt information. So I created the Haunter's Toolbox."~Brian Foreman

What is the Haunter's Toolbox?

A private membership community for those who want more information on Designing, Building, and Managing a Scare Attraction Business without all the fluff.

From Start to Finish! We cover topics from Choosing a Location for your Haunt to Increasing Attendance and Profit. And we're always adding new information.

We host LIVE online video training seminars with Haunt Specialists and add those classes to our growing training library. Plus, we are always hanging around the private forums to answer your questions.

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Customer Testimonials

"I was very happy with the way the seminar was ran, it was my first & won't be the last. I liked how you kept an eye on all the posts and made sure we were all heard and not forgotten."
-- Christie Watkins, Severed Minds

"Brian is the man! He is an invaluable asset to the attractions community, and passionate about sharing his wisdom with others. Managing to juggle the best show in the industry, working in the field, and still finding time to interact with people demonstrates his commitment to making this industry a community"

--Philip Hernandez, Haunted Attraction Podcast

Membership Benefits

  • Save money and time by learning from the professionals in the Haunt Industry. Live from your computer or digital device.
  • Learn how to grow your Haunt Business instantly by viewing our library of videos and articles.
  • Stay on the right track with support from our team of mentors. We're here to solve your problems.
  • Discover recommended Haunt products and get huge discounts on supplies and yearly events.

Who Am I?

Welcome to The Haunter's Toolbox! I've experienced a lot in the past 12 years in the Haunt Industry. Scare Actor, Designer, Home Haunter, Manager, Trainer, and now Haunted Attraction Owner. Hopefully I can share a few fresh ideas with you...and teach you a few of my mistakes as well.

~Brian Foreman, Co-Owner at Dead Factory Haunted House

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